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Friday, 23 March 2018


GenresPunk / Post-Rock / Hardcore / Emo / Screamo / Skramz
Related artists?.
Years Active2007
Song: "Let's Ruin Tonight"
Album: "17:48"
Year: 2007
For fans ofCease Upon The Capitol, Descubriendo A Mr. Mime, Khayembii Communiqué, The Sky Below And Earth Above, My Life With The Spaniard, Jeromes Dream, Senza, Deadseraphim, Subjects/Rulers, Caught In The Fall, Hugs, Towers and Portrëit aka PROPER SCREAMO.
Label(s): Communique Records
This post's artist is from the February 2018 Mix. This is track #5.
You can download: the March 2018 Mix#3 right here or get the new April 2018 Mix#4 here.

I don't even remember how I first heard about this band. I know I bought the '17:48' 12"LP around the time it came out, but how I came across it is still a mystery to me. So let's get this out of the way first, I like ARCHES. I think their screamy hardcore style was pretty neat. I remember waiting for the 12" and being excited. I remember hearing the first track and being pumped on the rest. Then I remember thinking it's just mediocre after blasting through it a few times. They had the elements of creating amazing stuff but were a band for too short of a time to reach that says I.

Their (from what I can tell) lone LP begins with "Let's Ruin Tonight", a simultaneously raw and chaotic track that includes a brief chill section. Overall it (and the rest of the album) brings to mind Portrëit, Cease Upon The Capitol, My Life With The SpaniardDeadseraphim and early Descubriendo A Mr. Mime. Songs "Uncle Owen is Dead" and "Don't Remember" also follow this similar mashing of late 90s/early 2000s emotional hardcore. "Carcharodon Carcharias" is very lengthy for an ARCHES song, as it clocks in over the four-minute mark (most songs barely pass range from one to three minutes) and uses the extra time to build a distant, eerie, guitar-driven intro. This builds to a swelling, unstable and spacey midsection with a seeming climax that playfully recedes, only to double-back full force at the three-minute mark. "interlude" is pretty much what you'd expect and the subsequent "It's a Trap" (yes, another Star Wars reference) is unstable and a blistering 46 seconds. "Koom Til Doom" opens with an instrumental, dark beginning before culminating in fiery glory from 30 seconds onward, not unlike "Life in Crimson" which gets scary-dark and unrelenting halfway thru.

The physical 12" was pressed on 560 vinyls with 200 and something covers made. I'm not sure if they were lost or something, but it sounds like 340 records were recovered later on. If they have covers or not, I am unsure.

So yeah, that's all I got.



2007 - 17:48 12"LP (download here)


(2007) ARCHES - "Let's Ruin Tonight" (from '17:48')

(2007) ARCHES - "Don't Remember" (from '17:48')

(2007) ARCHES - "Koom Til Doom" (from '17:48')


ARCHES out of print mp3 discography download

(download here)

Wednesday, 21 March 2018


GenresPunk / Hardcore / Screamo / Skramz / Emo-violence / Black Metal / Blackened Screamo
Related artistsLonely Animals, Dianacrawls, La Nausée and Au Bout De Mes Lèvres.
CountryQuebec City, Québec CANADA
Years Active2015-2017
Song: "Consommer l'absence"
Album: "Du besoin de disparaître de soi"
Year: 2017
For fans ofMakara, Daïtro, Orchid, Thisismenotthinkingofyou, Moss Rose, Frail Hands, Mahria, Lonely Animals, TrumanLa Nausée, Bethari, The Ultimate Screamo Band, Louise Cyphre, The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra,  and Au Bout De Mes Lèvres aka PROPER SCREAMO.
Label(s): Self Released / Le Blast / Zegema Beach Records / Adorno Records / Confusion Specialist
This post's artist is from the February 2018 Mix. This is track #3.
You can download: the March 2018 Mix#3 right here or get the new April 2018 Mix#4 here.

I gravitated toward COMMUOVERE after finding out early on in their formation that Gabriel and Jean-Christophe from Lonely Animals made up two-thirds of the band. I heard their 2015 EP in early 2016 and noticed strong similarities to the light and atmospheric sound of their prevous outfit. In early 2017 I saw them play live with Foxmoulder, Respire and Fraera in Toronto on April 15th and they fucking blew me away. Like, I was flabbergasted. And so was everyone else in attendance. To see why check out the review and videos from the show, linked here. I was surprised at how much more aggressive and dark it was, and immediately asked them if they wanted help releasing the LP they were writing for by speaking with all of the members, who were amazing. I found out that vocalist Marie was only 19 and this was her first band (or maybe just her first heavy band). JC was looking to move abroad and tackled vocals as well as guitar in this band, and of course the lovely Gabriel Wagner who runs Le Blast Records drums and does additional shrieking. I invited them back for Zegema Beach Records Fest along with The Ultimate Screamo Band and they fucking destroyed us yet again (linked here) before embarking on a US/Canada tour. After arriving back news came out quickly that COMMUOVERE had dissolved and I was crushed. Luckily I was able to convince the band to master a live version of an unrecorded song which ended up on the 10th installment of the Zampler compilation series on Zegema Beach Records.

Oh shit...but Dave, what do they sound like? Ahhh, good question Dave! Their debut release, the 'To love - to touch - to lose - to tears' EP has them at their slowest and most stripped down, as at this point it's just JC on guitar/vox and Gabe on drums/vox. The two songs are slow, plodding, chill, dreamy and very reminiscent of Lonely Animals, with opener "L'appel du vide" being a tad faster and chaotic than the lengthy and bedroom emo feel of "La douleur exquise". The following year they dropped a song on the 'Enjoy Life To This' tape/cd 5-way split with Te Lloraria Un Puto Rio, Fei Lung, Eva Ras and Unable To Fully Embrace This Happiness. The track, titled "Nothing burns like the cold." is the band's final somber recording, clocking in at 3:28 of repetitive instrumentals and group screaming. Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure this is Marie's first appearance in the band.

I like their early stuff, but I looooove their later stuff. So in 2017 COMMUOVERE evolved from chill, emo/screamo to blackened emo-violence, and went all out and bust. They began with the sensational three-track EP 'Du besoin de disparaître de soi'. This thing was released on tape with three different versions by Le Blast, Adorno and Confusion Specialist, with an additional run of 10 cds on Le Blast (almost all of which I've scored for my personal collection). It opens with the absolutely stellar "Consommer l'absence" opens with 20 seconds of subdued feedback before the drum count in starts and then holy fuck, the whirlwind of screaming, discordant/frantic guitar and maniacal drumming comes in full tilt (and still knocks me on my ass every time). They would generally play a song titled "I Was Named After a Hurricane" right before blasting directly in "Consommer l'absence" and it was the best one-two punch I've heard in quite some time. "Dépersonnalisation - Déréalisation" is an ambient noise interlude complete with a lone, echoed guitar, rain, the sound of dishes clanging and crying, making it a fitting break in between the two other violent assaults on the senses. Closer "La tentation d'exister" is similar to opener but has more of an Orchid meets To Dream Of Autumn feel to it as it builds to the precipice at 36 seconds and goes fucking bananas at 46 seconds, making this section my favourite of anything COMMUOVERE ever did. The song breaks and separates, slowly dissipating in intensity until its 1:59 close. Dear lord, I wish we had an LP, goddammit.

On the heels of the 2017 EP came their contribution to the Jeromes Dream tribute cassette 'It's More Like an Homage to You' with "What Other Adjective Would You Have Me Use For The Word Good?". After the initial round of 40-something bands came back with only 18 bands actually recording songs for the comp, I was forced to reach out again to try and rope in a few additional good screamo bands to round out the tribute. COMMUOVERE was part of this second cohort and they were able to write their version and record it in something stupid like two to three weeks, and it's easily one of the best songs on there. Not only that, but they didn't just clone the original, they made it COMMUOVERE and they made it a rager. Around this time the band did an initial small tour by coming from Quebec to Toronto on April 15th, gaining an instant reputation in Toronto as "the band to see" because, let's face it, they fucking owned. In the summer they went on a trek throughout Canada and the US alongside friends in The Ultimate Screamo Band, with the second show (I think) being my Zegema Beach Records Fest show and, again, people were astounded by these three people. I've linked a video from each set in the embed section below.

The band was even slated for a spot at 2018's Miss The Stars Fest, but communication in the group halted and they disbanded in the fall of 2017. At the tailend of 2017 I was getting the tracklisting for the Zampler #10 compilation and asked if there was anything, ANYTHING, I could put on there that they never released. Gabriel informed me that he had the stems from a live recording for a song they never got the chance to immortalize, so I coaxed him, JC and Marie into mastering and releasing the song on the Zampler. I'm so glad that I pushed for that cuz "I Was Named After a Hurricane" blazes and was generally played directly before "Consommer l'absence", as can be seen here. It is 1:44 in length and was recorded live at ODTHQ in the early summer of 2017. It has an eerie opening that erupts after 30 seconds and goes batshit crazy around 47 with strong ties to Orchid on speed and The Ultimate Screamo Band. The close from 1:15 onward is so fucking exciting and builds to a faux-climax as they ready for an onslaught but instead abruptly end the song. You bastards! Jokes aside, watch this live video and see it coupled with another banger.

It's damn ass fucking shame that COMMUOVERE broke up, but, alas, it must be for the best. We have already been graced with EPs from Gabriel's Au Bout De Mes Lèvres and La Nausée (with Shaun of Adorno Records and Thisismenotthinkingofyou) and Marie is in Dianacrawls who should have material out very shortly. I'm stoked to be able to say that I got to see COMMUOVERE twice in my lifetime and that's pretty fucking wild.



2015 - To love, to touch, to lose, to tears. EP (stream/donate/download here)

2016 - Enjoy Life To This 5-way split cassette/cd (stream/donate/download here)

2017 - Du besoin de disparaître de soi cassetteEP (stream/donate/download here)
2017 - Jeromes Dream tribute cassetteLP (stream/donate/download here)

2018 -  Zampler #10 - Goddamn Bugs Whacked Us, Johnny cdr comp (contributed "I Was Named After a Hurricane [live]") (stream/donate/download here)


(2018) COMMUOVERE - "I Was Named After a Hurricane" (from 'Zampler #10')

(2017) COMMUOVERE - "I Was Named After a Hurricane / Consommer l'absence" live @ZBR Fest

(2017) COMMUOVERE - "La tentation d'exister" (from 'Du besoin de disparaître de soi')

(2017) COMMUOVERE - "Consommer l'absence" (from 'Du besoin de disparaître de soi')

(2017) COMMUOVERE - "What Other Adjective Would You Have Me Use For The Word Good?" (from 'It's More Like an Homage to You')

(2017) COMMUOVERE - full set #1/2 live video (#2/2 here)

(2016) COMMUOVERE - "Nothing burns like the cold." (from '5-way' split)

(2015) COMMUOVERE - "L'appel du vide" (from 'To love, to touch, to lose, to tears.')


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Monday, 19 March 2018


GenresPunk / Post-Rock / Hardcore / Post-Hardcore / Post-Metal / Prog Metal / Crust / Doom / Sludge / Ambient
Related artistsFall Of Efrafa, Anopheli, Carnist, Momentum, Farewell To Arms, Oncetastedlife, Martha, The Nepalese Temple BallSchönesende and Archivist.
CountryLondon ENGLAND
Years Active2010-2015
Song: "Primium Movens"
Album: "Lapsus"
Year: 2011
For fans of: RespireFall Of Efrafa, SarinMonuments Collapse, Momentum, Castle, Neurosis, Alaskan, Kraken, Titan, Isis, Buried Inside, Downfall Of Gaia, AmenRa, Rosetta, Cult Of Luna, Locktender, Nine Eleven, Old Man Gloom, Breag Naofa, Amber, (later) Back When, Lamantide, SundowningMilanku, Samarra, Oaken, The Solexine Chapter, Tephra,  and Archivist.
Label(s): Alerta Antifascista / Moment Of Collapse Records / Halo Of Flies Records / Eyesofsound / Glaucoma Releases
This post's artist is from the February 2018 Mix. This is track #10.
You can download: the March 2018 Mix#3 right here or get the new April 2018 Mix#4 here.

Let's be honest, by this blog's standards LIGHT BEARER is a pretty big band, or was, I should say. Bearing that in light (ha), I will keep this short and sweet - both by Dave standards, though.

LIGHT BEARER formed in 2010 following Fall Of Efrafa's demise. Even though vocalist/lyricist/artist Alex CF was the only member to move on to this band, the Fall Of Efrafa sound stayed with him, and I believe is a signature at this point and ends up on every release Alex takes part in.

Their first two releases came in 2011, the 'Beyond the Infinite: The Assembly of God' EP/single and the 'Lapsus' LP. The former is a single track by the same name and is a beautiful, crushing, doomy-yet-uplifting post-hardcore/post-metal song with a first half that interests me but a second half that is straight up ballin'. The latter is a full-on release, containing six songs that are so massive they couldn't even fit on a single 12". It opens with the ominous instrumental/noise track "Beyond the Infinite" which leads into my personal favourite, "Primum Movens". This thing is sensational, clocking in at nearly 14 minutes with an opening as uplifting, serene and light as I've heard from an Alex CF band. At 3:29 the song dips into deep post-hardcore/post-metal/doom waters but still manages to sound uplifting with huge, sprawling guitars and drums like gunshots. The transition and subsequent bombardment at around the seven-minute mark seals the deal on this being a quintessential LIGHT BEARER song. "Armory Choir" is 14:44 while closer and title track "Lapsus" is nearly 18 minutes, with both songs being heaving, epic and punishing as fuck, with the latter being utterly sensational.

In 2012 they released a lone song on the 'Northless split' 12" split...but the song is 20:32 in length! Good lord. In a nutshell the opening of "Celestium Apocrypha; Book of Watchers" is noise, by four and a half minutes the instruments have kicked in with the vocals making an appearance at about 5:15, this builds and climaxes until 10:45. The song meanders around for a bit but drops in like a live grenade at fourteen and a half minutes with some sick dual vocals and guitar solo that leads the song into the outro transition for the final six minutes.

The band's final output came in 2013 with a beautiful final 12"LP titled 'Silver Tongue'. I should also mention this is about His Dark Materials book trilogy that is one of my favourites, but was butchered by Hollywood. Opening with the prodigious "Beautiful Is This Burden", it's like Fall Of Efrafa but even darker yet more beautiful and fuller despite it's 18:16 length! "Amalgam" is killer, as it dumps a plethora of weight at 2:30 with breakdowns and dual vocals equivalent to elemental juggernaut. "Matriarch" follows and reaches over 11 minutes of somber, deep and atmospheric sludge rock that is gorgeous, and truly brings to mind trekking through a medieval forest during dusk. "Aggressor & Usurper" is nearly 17 minutes of awesomeness, followed by the utterly epic title track "Silver Tongue" that brings a tear to my eye at 4:25 and at 19:40 is a fitting swan song for LIGHT BEARER

They broke up almost two years later, citing the importance of friendship over forcing the band. I'm quite sure Alex's next pursuit was Anopheli and is currently you should probably go check those out if you haven't already! Well fuck, that wasn't short at all.


Click )==>here<==( to download the band's complete discography in mp3 form.

2011 - Lapsus cd/cassette/2x12"LP
2011 - Beyond the Infinite: The Assembly of God 12"EP

2012 - Northless split cd/12"LP

2013 - Silver Tongue cd/cassette/2x12"LP


(2013) LIGHT BEARER - "Amalgam" (from 'Silver Tongue')

(2013) LIGHT BEARER - "Aggressor & Usurper" (from 'Silver Tongue')

(2012) LIGHT BEARER - "Celestium Apocrypha; Book Of Watchers" (from 'Northless' split)

(2011) LIGHT BEARER - "Primum Movens" (from 'Lapsus')

(2011) LIGHT BEARER - "Lapsus" (from 'Lapsus')

(2011) LIGHT BEARER - "Beyond the Infinite: The Assembly of God" (from 'Beyond the Infinite: The Assembly of God')


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